Fall Riding

I race Enduro and Super D on the east coast and manage www.eastcoastenduro.com as well as co-manage the East Coast Enduro/Super D group on Facebook with Harlan Price. I live near Atlantic City, NJ which is pretty flat so I have to drive an hour to 3 hours to get to real elevation for Enduro riding. Because of our terrain, the local trails offer us the opportunity to get in the miles needed in the off season but no real elevation gain. We make the most of it but also seek out features hidden in the landscape.


It’s now officially winter here in southern New Jersey and just in time to finish a Fall riding edit. I had a difficult time getting out to shoot some stuff due to weather. Some of my favorite spots were hit or miss so I made the most of what I could ride.
This edit turned out to have quite a bit of pedaling in it but that’s what our local trails are about.


To keep up to date on Enduro events and info along the east coast, please visit www.eastcoastenduro.com and follow on Twitter, @eastcoastenduro.

Fall Riding video:

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