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weatherSnapToday I look out the window and see another fresh 2″ coating of snow on the ground. The air is a nippy 24 degrees but feels like 14! What a great day to go back to bed but I have to clear the snow off of the car and get to work. A metaphor for athletes training for whatever warm weather sport they are training for right now. It’s this time of year here in the mid-Atlantic region where you have to brush off the obstacles standing in your way and just get to work in the gym or out on the trail in my case.

It’s been a little over a month now since I started working on my base training for 2014 and I think it’s going well. This year is different as I have a coach, Jonny Gabor, a fellow enduro racer to keep me on target for a good season.

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This has to be the best thing I’ve done for my mountain bike training…ever. The big thing to note is that I’m held accountable. It’s so easy this time of year when there is snow on the ground and the temps are in the 20’s to slough off and say “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Jonny makes his athletes keep a training log and boy is it a reality check when you flip through a week of training and see all the work you’ve done OR not done. The weekly check-ins with Jonny helps both the athlete and the coach know where we are and how much more we need to do.

You hope that you are getting quality work in, a couple of off days now might come back to get you when the season comes around. Luckily I still have time to stack up the long rides and the proper gym equipment at home. The stationary bike and a cue of youtube videos keep me from missing out on ride time. Having the proper gym equipment right at home gives me no excuse to miss a weight training day.

brush off the obstacles standing in your way and just get to work

I knew Jonny G was committed when I raced with him but getting to know him through his coaching has really opened my eyes to another side. He is very serious about his training as well as yours. If you are a mountain bike racer looking for some structure, motivation or just want to be a better rider when the season hits, drop Jonny a line.

Post race catch up with Jon Gabor, top pro for the day.

Post race catch up with Jon Gabor, top pro for the day – Glen Park Super D back in Sept.

I look forward to the next step in my training as he ramps up the challenges, it’s not going to be easy but nothing in life really is. Time to put on another layer of clothing and hit the trail.

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