Product review: Mavic Crossmax Enduro Wheels

I was fortunate enough to get a set of the new Mavic Crossmax Enduro wheels this past Spring. This wheel/tire system is SO nice! Having been a bike mech for 10yrs in the past, I was familiar with the Mavic brand and quality, it was really nice to see the high quality first hand. “WOW” is what I think my first words were when I pulled them out of the box. That of course could have been the reaction to the bright yellow hubs and rims but it was an honest reaction to what I was unpacking. It’s really nice knowing that you have one of the best wheel sets on the market!


After unpacking I was really interested to see how the wheels and especially the tires handled. Before writing this review I wanted to make sure I had plenty of rides on this wheel system in my local trails, which are mostly flat, before I headed to the mountains in PA or down to Middle Run trails in Delaware.
On my local trails I noticed the tires hooking up nicely but that wasn’t enough. The trails at Middle Run offer some fast flowy descents that can test you and your bikes handling capability at speed. I hit some of my favorite descents at Middle Run and tried to let the tires speak for themselves. I was really surprised at the performance but I shouldn’t have from the reviews I’ve read and the input from guys like Jeff Lenosky, a fellow NJ resident and Mavic rider.
After trying them at Middle Run I set out for Blue Mountain Bike Park in June to pre-ride the Eastern States Cup enduro course. This would be another test for both the wheels and tires as the terrain at Blue Mtn contains a variety of loose rock, some loamy trails and packed clay.


My setup: 27.5 wheels with 25psi front and rear (Pair wheel-tyre system 650b/27,5″: 3610 grams). Front tire 2.4 Charge, Rear tire 2.2 Roam XL.

I tend not to fuss over tire pressure too much. I set it at a comfortable pressure and leave it. As I’m riding I’ll adjust to trail conditions knowing that the tire pressure is the same no matter what conditions I encounter.
Overall this wheel/tire system is great. The configuration of having a 2.4 up front and a 2.2 in the back had me a little concerned that I might wash out in the rear but I haven’t had that issue. I enjoy the low rolling resistance in the rear for those times when you need to carry speed.
I’ve certainly put them to the test in the past 5 months riding some of the toughest terrain on the east coast. I’m happy to say that they survived and stood up to their billing. I’ve since put in an order for another set of tires as I don’t want to switch.

Tires and wheels are a critical cog in fast trail riding and enduro racing so you want to depend on them not to fail when you need them. You want to count on them when flying into a turn and these wheels & tires certainly have my confidence up!

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