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So you think you know what you’re doing, you read all of the “tips” online about how to train and prepare for your mountain bike race season and have it all figured out, right? I would suggest otherwise. Sure, there may be a handful of people that can do it on their own and push themselves to perform to their potential but there comes a point where you need someone in your corner to push you just a little bit more. Someone looking at your fitness & training from the outside.

Post race catch up with Jon Gabor, top pro for the day.

Me and Jonny G!

This year I teamed up with JonnyGMTB training to help take my fitness & training a step (or two) forward.
I race Enduro, Super D and XC on the east coast but live near the ocean which means…flat terrain. I have to drive an hour+ to get to some elevation in order to experience any downhill trails. With that in mind Jonny G aka Jon Gabor tailored a training regimen for me to build leg strength and explosive power needed for Enduro. We worked on other things but that was my main focus.

This was the first time I had a coach since my running days at Gloucester County College so I was excited to have someone pushing the buttons again. I don’t want to give away all of his secrets or methods because my training regimen is most likely different than what you need.
I will say this, from the beginning Jon takes note of all of your equipment and then provides an outline for how your routine should work. Lots of notes were taken this year with regard to workouts and any progress along the way. This will be very helpful moving forward. If you don’t have some sort of record of what you did the previous year, how will you know if you are progressing the next year? Being held accountable was a big key for me this year. Having weekly check-ins with Jon to show what I had done the week before really kept me on track!

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I had some improvements this year and my overall fitness is better than it’s been in years. I owe all of this to Jonny G! If you’re looking for a coach or thinking about using one, talk to Jonny G. He is very serious about his training and will also be for yours. The time is now to start preparing for the 2015 mountain bike season.

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