2015 Round Top Enduro

I recently headed up to Round Top, NY for the 3rd Annual Round Top Enduro. I heard about how fun this event was last year so this year I wanted to check it out. I made the 3.5hr drive up on Friday to ride with my friend Seamus Powell (Giant Factory Off Road), who lives nearby. I don’t get to hang with Seamus too often so it was great to catch up and ride with him on his local trails.


I stayed overnight at the Riedlbauers Resort which was right next to the event. This couldn’t have worked out any better. Over-night stay was $88 and that included buffet dinner on Fri and all-you-can-eat breakfast on Sat., I LOVE breakfast. In my building were a group of guys from the Bronx and Long Island whom I met on Fri night while they were fixing each others bikes. It’s always cool to meet groups from different areas and hear their riding stories. I hope to catch up with them again sometime in the near future.

Riedlbauer's Resort location

Friday was hot and humid with dry trail conditions but we wound up with a solid rain over night, so the course was a little greasy on race day. That combined with the rocky terrain made things tricky. I had “issues” on all 5 stages where I lost quite a bit of time but never crashed!

On to Stage 1. Photo by: Dan Kirkhus

On to Stage 1. Photo by: Dan Kirkhus

Heading up there I knew I’d see a lot of familiar faces but I didn’t set out to ride with anyone in particular. While waiting at the start of the first stage I had the opportunity to talk to some people about enduro racing and what I do with eastcoastenduro.com. Waiting behind me was Garrett Payer who was participating in his first enduro so I told him I’d ride with him for the day.

Between stages with my riding buddy, Garrett Payer (blue) who won his division. Not sure what I'm doing with my face. Photo by: Dan Kirkhus

Between stages with my riding buddy, Garrett Payer (blue jersey) who won his division. Not sure what I’m doing with my face. Photo by: Dan Kirkhus

So off we went and it wound up being a good day. We’d share intel on the course and I tried to pass along any wisdom where I could. Garrett wound up winning his age group (12-18yo). I think he had a good time and will be back for more!

Dropping into the "Grand Canyon". Photo by: Dan Kirkhus

Dropping into the “Grand Canyon”. Photo by: Dan Kirkhus


Our division had 14 guys registered for the event and I wound up in second place on the day so I’m happy with the outcome! Congratulations to fellow JORBA-ian, David Van Wart on the win! David and his son Dillon are some fast riders, we’ll see more podium shots of those two in the future I’m sure.



The event sold out of 100 spots which was nice to see. The community up there is great, everybody got involved to pull off a super event. I didn’t stick around for Sunday’s events which included guided rides, a Giant bike demo along with more food, beer and music. It was great to meet most of the Powell family and learn about their involvement in the mountain bike community. Can’t wait to get back next year!

Another race without any mechanical issues! I’m loving this trend and have to thank my sponsors for making fine products to stand up to the rough conditions we often put these bikes through.


Proceeds from the weekend-long event went to the Round Top Mountain Bike Association. I’m always happy to participate in events that wind up giving back to the trails and those who maintain them. Thanks to Dan Kirkhus for the photos!

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Gerry congrats on your second place!! Awesome! The enduro here was great success. Sold out and they even opened up more slots. Very cool that forest service allowed access to an area for event. Which is a first time ever. With all going well hopefully will be a repeat next yr. mike is helping out w aid station for 50k cross country race today. Mayb next ur we will do after acclimating well to altitude. Backcountry riding here is pretty serious but spectacular. Stay well. Keep riding.

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