Product Review: Race Face Stash Tank

When you ride all mountain or race enduro it’s imperative that you carry with you extra tools, water, inner tube(s) or whatever you think you might need so you don’t wind up stuck out on the trail. Usually your choices are to have multiple water bottle cages and strap extra gear to your bike OR wear a hydration backpack with room for the before mentioned items.

Race Face has developed a line of gear to offer riders options to carry this gear without the bulkiness of a pack hanging on your shoulders. They call this gear “Stash” (except for one fanny pack – Rip Strip).

Race Face Stash Tank (shown with 1.5L bladder)

Race Face Stash Tank (shown with 1.5L bladder, sold separately)

With the growing involvement in mountain bike enduro racing, this line of storage clothing suits the rider participating in this segment of the sport. It also appeals to an all mountain rider that is looking for a clean and tight way to carry extra gear with them.

IMG_2862 2

I’ve ridden with the Stash Tank for several months now. What appeals to me is how I can carry tools, an inner tube, an extra water bottle and my phone in my Stash Tank and it stays close to my body during rides. This extra gear isn’t wiggling or moving around during my ride. I can enjoy the ride and not be worried or annoyed with a loose pack flopping around.

Water bottle, multitool, tire levers, air and my phone (missing from the shot)

Water bottle, multi-tool, tire levers, Benadryl tablet, air canisters and my phone (missing from the shot)

IMG_2858 2
The Stash Tank keeps everything nice and tidy concealed under my jersey.

I have yet to try wearing the Stash Tank with a bladder in it but that is something I plan on doing in the near future. Currently this tank really does the job for me. I love the feeling of confidence with my extra gear positioned low on my back and secure to my body. I can enjoy the ride that much more!

For more information on the Stash and where to get it, please visit the Race Face website.

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