Help Launch Bike Park get a new trail!

Bell helmets in conjunction with IMBA has created a contest giving away $100k in grant money for the IMBA Trail Solutions crew with the help of local volunteers to build one of three types of trails. A Pump Track, a Flow Trail and a Down Hill/Gravity trail.
Our friends at Launch Bike Park are one of 12 in the running (they are in the DH/Gravity portion) for this grant and they deserve it!

The Launch Trail Crew is made up of a dedicated all-volunteer crew that has been working hard to build up this small bike park.

Building "Wally's Leg" 2010

Building “Wally’s Leg” 2010

This mountain is made of entirely rock! Ok, it’s not entirely rock but it sure seems that way when you ride there. The trail crew has done a great job at finding some challenging technical routes down the mountain and have increased the fun this past year with the addition of “Flowdacious” and “Jump Town”, their flow trail and jump line trails. The type of trail they are lacking is a full beginner level trail.
To win this grant and create a new beginner level trail dubbed “The BELLtway”, would increase the opportunities for beginners or XC riders to try out their skills at this cool little bike park.

Launch Bike Park and more specifically, the trail crew, deserve to be awarded this grant for all of the hard work they’ve put into this park. Please take a minute or two to vote them up from March 5, 2013 to April 12, 2013 on the Bell Built Facebook page which can be found here: Vote For Launch Bike Park!

More info about this grant and the process can be found here.

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