Spring is here!?!

Finally, Spring time, I think! After a long winter of what seemed like never ending snow storms, we’ve arrived at Spring. For someone like me that trains through the winter in preparation for the mountain bike enduro season, this time of year is welcomed with open arms…and shorts! Too many days spent inside on the stationary bike have deepened the desire to get outside to ride.

This time around I wish the warmer weather and longer days were welcomed with a more friendly reception but I’ve been sick the past week or so. This puts a dent in the progress I was making and momentum I was working towards.

It’s been several months since I started a new training program with Jonny G MTB and it’s been going well. Jon has made sure that I’m on target and getting what I need to succeed. Because I don’t have any mountains where I live and train, Jon has tailored a weight program specific for me and where I train. He can do this for you too! JonnyGMTB logo

He really wants you to succeed

I love how Jon will respond to my weekly workout reports with questions and encouragement. He really wants you to succeed and get the most out of the workouts. The one thing that I really enjoy is the accountability, I am logging everything that I do in a notebook and can see it all in front of me. If I don’t do the work I see empty pages. Although I’ve had a minor hiccup in my training the past week+, I see it as a reminder to keep focused, eat healthy, get plenty of rest. It’s time to put that behind me and get back on track, the warm weather is here! I can’t wait to see what is in store in the coming month.

New stuff!

Who doesn’t love it when new parts or a new bike arrives at their door, right? This year I was fortunate enough to be moved up a rung with Transition Bikes to be a Brand Ambassador! It is also time for a new bike and I decided on the Bandit 27.5. The bigger wheel size offers some advantages over the 26″ wheeled bike I had been using so I can’t wait to see how it rolls on some of the infamous east coast rock.

This year I was fortunate enough to set up my bike with some really nice Crossmax enduro wheels courtesy of Mavic! I finished out the build with parts from Community Bikes and Boards, MRP (chainguide), Crank Brothers (Kronolog post & pedals), frame protection from All Mountain Style and KORE (bars, stem and saddle) who have supported me the past several years.

Cover photo credit: S. Haviland

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