8 to 8, A Day at Blue Mountain Bike Park

This weekend I set out for Blue Mountain Bike Park in Palmerton, PA. The plan was to ride the stages for the Eastern States Cup Enduro which is being held on Sunday June 22nd. That weekend there will also be a Super D at Blue Mountain on Saturday June 21st.

PA Country side

This was my first trip to Blue Mountain in about 4 years so I was excited to get out there to ride the trails. The forecast was calling for great weather, partially sunny with temps in the low 80’s! Turned out to be cloudy most of the day and it felt like 70’s, perfect riding weather! Cool breezes and no sun to cast shadows through the woods or beam in your eyes.

Near the top

For this trip I wound up riding with some of the Reading, PA guys as well as other PA natives, this surely made the day that much better.


Blue Mountain Bike Park is a 2hr 15min drive from home so it’s important to get out of the house no later than 8am for driving anywhere west of Philadelphia. Leaving at 8am gets us to Philly just before 9am so the traffic through Philly isn’t as bad.

I left the house at 8am and arrived home that evening at 8pm which is why I titled this “8 to 8”, thanks Susan.

The video is a montage of various clips from the day so in keeping with the theme, most of the clips are 8 seconds in length. Most if not all of the trails shown in this video are used in the 5 stages of the Eastern States Cup Enduro. You’ll get a sense of the challenging features and how ‘smooth’ the trails are. Overall the stages are set up to favor the downhill leaning rider. The two transfer climbs and the upper XC trails in stage 5 will balance things out.


For more information on the Eastern States Cup Super D and Enduro at Blue Mountain Bike Park, click below.
Super D info
Enduro info

To view a full calendar of Enduro and Super D events along the east coast, please visit: www.eastcoastenduro.com.
You can also follow East Coast Enduro on Twitter: @eastcoastenduro

Hey Coach!
Jonny G rolling in after riding 39.5mi w/11,573ft in elevation!

Jonny G rolling in after riding 39.5mi – 11,537ft in elevation!

My coach, Jonny G, was riding “with” us this day and had a personal goal to achieve. He was shooting to get in 10,000ft of climbing! Throughout the day we would catch Jonny along the way and check-in to see how many trips up he had left. It took over 5 hours but he did it, 39.5 miles and 10,829ft in elevation. He clobbered his goal! It was amazing to see his determination take over the doubt that would creep in. I stayed late enough to see Jonny roll in after accomplishing his goal. Truly awesome.

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