The possibilities…

Following my race weekend crash I was thinking about what could have been. As a racer you often look back and think about how you could have changed things. Pedaled harder, picked a different line, increased or decreased tire pressure and on and on.

I crashed in the very first stage of a 5 stage enduro so I really didn’t have much to think about except to relax and go with the flow. Lay off of the brakes and pedal when you can…not out of a rocky turn!


I was in decent shape heading into the Eastern States Cup Enduro at Blue Mountain in PA. I rode the course the week before and was feeling confident in having a good performance. Finally it was all coming together!

So in looking back at what could have been, I remembered that I shot POV video of the stages. Unfortunately I only shot/rode stage 1 from start to ending, the other stages I only shot about 90% of the entire stage (stage 5 had gravel road in the final section, no need to shoot that).
So I went back to the raw footage and grabbed the stage 1 video to compare the time it took me to complete that stage against the pro finishers on race day.
It’s tough to say for sure but in the video below it looks like I was close to the pace of what the top guys did on race day. Who knows what I would have done on race day?

It’s a positive note and satisfaction that all of my hard work was paying off, Thanks Jonny G! I can definitely point to the workouts that he’s put me through as reasons why I feel stronger and more confident this season. I look forward to resuming the intense workouts later this summer!

Final results for the pro category.

Final results for the pro category.

Time to heal up and prepare for the Fall enduro’s.

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