Off-Season Training

This time of year in a typical mountain bike racer’s life you’ve had time to reflect on the race season that just ended and you get an idea of what you need to do to improve for next season. Well, you do if you are like me and like to compete, make the most of the time and money you put out for a race season and just like to keep improving.
This past season I decided to move up to compete in the open/pro category and got to see how I would do against the top guns in the Mid-Atlantic region. I had a few races where I could have done better had I prepared in the off season or had a consistent training routine. Looking back I felt ok about what I accomplished this season but I know I can improve.

Now that I’m at the point in the year where you have to start preparing for the next race season and I decided that it was time to really step up my game. I needed some discipline and order when it came to my training and have hired a coach!

Post race catch up with Jon Gabor, top pro for the day.

Post race catch up with Jon Gabor, top pro for the day.

My friend Jon Gabor will be training me to help me reach my goals and be better prepared for the 2014 season! In talking with Jon I can tell you that he doesn’t mess around. Jon won or placed in the top 5 of a bunch of enduros that I competed in this year, he knows what it takes to be prepared and of course, to win.

I’ve done my share of training in my high school and college days preparing for track and cross country so I do have experience in pushing myself but I also had a team, friends and coach helping me. With my location and the enduro format, you are on your own. It takes discipline and drive to stick with a program. Honestly the last two seasons I was just “wingin it”, I lacked discipline throughout the season to maintain a consistent training regimen and I felt it during most races. I’m ready to change that.

I’m really excited about working with Jon to improve on a number of things and will be documenting my routine throughout the year. USAC Nationals are close by at Bear Creek Resort again and the enduro schedule is shaping up to be another good one! I look forward to sharing my experiences with training and racing throughout the race season for 2014!

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