Out for a roll – winter training

So I wanted to get out on the bike and get my winter training in gear but I wanted to ride somewhere different and at a place that didn’t have hunting! My local trails are nice but they lack the true single track technical aspect and it’s currently hunting season in these trails so I have to choose my routes carefully.
I decided to make the hour drive up to Ceres Park in Mantua, NJ. Ceres is a small park, one lap is only 6mi., but it contains some really fun and flowy sections like the one shown below.20130105-171755.jpg
Hidden throughout the park are some nice jumps and drops which make the drive worth it (for me anyway). You get to ride some nice trails then suddenly you find yourself sessioning a jump or drop. The trail shown below is one of the better sections that starts with a drop, if you choose to take it, then continues downhill surfing the slope to your left. 20130105-171807.jpg
Overall I had a nice little ride that did the trick for a Jan day. Temps were in the upper 30’s so it was refreshing to get out without having to be totally bundled up.

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