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Another video contest popped up that I had to enter! Mavic is giving away a spot to race in the Trans Provence All Mountain race which takes place in France. To give you an idea what this race is about, here’s a little blurb from the contest page
The Mavic Trans-Provence is the undisputed leader, without question the hottest ticket among Enduro races around the world. It’s seven days and 280km of the finest, most technically challenging all-mountain riding the world has to offer. This event brings together the best competitors from around the globe and pits them mano-y-mano against each other in the purest format of European enduro racing. And this year, within seconds of registration opening, the event was SOLD OUT for 2013 …
… until now!

Create a video showing what your enduro/ all mountain riding inspirations are, and why you should win a trip to the Trans Provence. If your video is the best, you’ll win a trip and an entry into the exclusive Trans Provence Enduro Race.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
What do you feel is the spirit of Enduro and how does it move you?
Who, what, or where are your inspirations for your endeavors?
What motivates you to challenge and go beyond your limits?

When I read this I thought that this contest was tailored to me. I love enduro, I have to drive over an hour sometimes over 2hrs to get to elevation for a proper enduro ride and I have some great inspiration from seeing how my wife battles her cancer. I could show my dedication to the sport and tell my story.
I already have some experience putting these things together and had the equipment to shoot and edit so I was ready. The only thing tripping me up was trying to get Susan on locations to shoot, she owns the camera and didn’t trust me using it alone, I can’t blame her. She hasn’t been on the bike much and since she’s going through treatment again, her strength and energy isn’t really up to handle a long ride to capture video where I wanted to go.

I did some research and figured out where we could go that would get the footage I could use to tell my story. One day we went to Brandywine, DE to shoot and it was at the end of this incredibly humid heatwave. We tried to get an early start and were on location by 7am but it was still super hot.
Another day we shot at Wiss in Philly and it was the complete opposite, nice and cool but we did have an issue when a rock jumped out and grabbed Susan’s tire on our way down to the car. She’s tough and managed not to get too banged up.

My idea for the video didn’t require a ton of action footage so we were able to get what I needed and I think the final result came out good. All editing was done by me, camera work by Susan except for the GoPro chesty cam footage which was done by me. I probably could have used more action footage but I did what I could with what I had. I can’t thank Susan enough for dragging herself out of bed early and up to places that she shouldn’t be to try and get this project done. She is a trooper!

Here is the final video below, wish me luck and check back after the 19th when they announce the winners.


Dedication to Enduro from Gerry Creighton on Vimeo.

View “Dedication to Enduro” on Pinkbike

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  1. Gerry says:

    Well, the winners were announced and I wasn’t one of them. I guess I didn’t have enough riding footage to support my story. The winner deserved to win, top notch video for sure. Here are the winners:

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