Rainy Day Ride

Well today I had to be my own “shuttle bitch“. I even had to wash and dry my own bike. However  I did not use Gerry‘s toothbrush. 🙂

Today’s ride wasn’t planned, it was more like I just wanted to get out and ride. Right now I really shouldn’t be riding. 1: because I’m still on an anabiotic as I’ve been dealing with some kind of respiratory problem for weeks on end. 2: today’s weather although mild didn’t have the best forecast (rain). 3: my cardiovascular abilities are pretty lame right now. But of course none of these things  stopped me and I ended up riding in the rain today. But you know what, despite it being a struggle for me, I had a good time! If Dr. J is reading this she won’t be too happy but she will understand. I have always been this type of person, I just hate to miss out on activities and having fun, so I go out and do it despite whatever is working against me.

Me, my Bandit & the rain.

Me, my Bandit & the rain.

Now I’m not out setting any Strava records or QOM’n the hell out of any trail and this kind of behavior usually gets me in trouble. I just couldn’t help myself today. 🙂

"Shuttle Bitch" headed home to clean her bike.

“Shuttle Bitch” headed home to clean her bike.

Okay if anybody’s looking for me tomorrow I’ll be stretched out on the living room couch. 🙂

Peace out,


PS I know all my mountain bikes buds will get this!

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  1. Hope you are still getting to ride in nature from time to time!

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