Final Weekend at Blue Mt. Bike Park for 2015

I headed up to Blue Mountain Bike Park for the last weekend of 2015 this past Saturday!


I really wanted to go on Sunday and take part in the “last ride” event but I had other obligations. Saturday would be the day and I got to sync up with my old friend and BMX Freestyle legend, Mike “Wally” Cutillo.


The weather was just about perfect, partly cloudy with temps in the upper 50’s. I love Fall riding, especially in the mountains!


It was nice to get in another day of riding at Blue before they closed the bike park for the year! This place holds a special place in my heart. This is where Susan and I got our first taste of down hill mountain biking years ago. Unfortunately I wouldn’t get to make the trip with my adventure buddy since she is going through cancer treatment again. I did think of her often as I ripped down some of the trails she liked to ride.


Photo: Jennifer Milby, Simply Adventurous.

Photo: Jennifer Milby, Simply Adventurous.

Here is a video of some random clips taken from the second half of the day. I got a flat tire at the end of the day and didn’t get to shoot some extra drops and jumps that we planned on getting.

Time for some more fun rides then get ready to start training for 2016.

See you next year Blue!

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